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All Saints is a Catholic school of high moral expectations and academic rigor. We offer a quality pre-kindergarten through eighth grade education in a structured, holistic, disciplined, and safe environment.


  • We celebrate the love of God, self, and neighbor; living, teaching, and sharing the Gospel message through daily prayers, religious studies, and activities, infusing students with Catholic values and traditions of love, patience, and respect.
  • We create a supportive, caring, and nurturing atmosphere, which challenges and enables each student to reach his/her potential by:
    • Building on individual strengths
    • Developing problem solving skills through critical and analytical thinking
    • Providing resources and activities which foster spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth
  • We acknowledge and encourage the diversity of cultures and creeds in an effort to foster acceptance and respect for individual differences.
  • We involve students, teachers, and parents in the stewardship of environmental, personal, human, and global resources.
  • We develop well-informed and conscientious students able to face the moral dilemmas and often difficult issues that will arise in their lives.


All Saints Catholic School came into existence on September 7, 1982, as a result of the merger of St. Paul Catholic School and St. Elizabeth Catholic School. In 1923, St. Paul Catholic School was located on North Avenue and three years later moved to Fendall Avenue.

In 1967 the school moved to its present site, in Richmond’s Historic Ginter Park. The Benedictine Sisters staffed St. Paul’s until 1977. From 1977 until the merger, the school was under the direction of a lay principal and a fully lay staff.

St. Elizabeth Catholic School was founded in 1930 and was located in the Highland Park area of North Richmond. The Daughters of Charity staffed the school form 1930 until 1936. At that time, the school was discontinued because of economic conditions. In 1948, the school reopened and was staffed by the Sisters of Mercy from Philadelphia. From 1948 until 1978, the school primarily served a middle class white community. By 1981, the school was 100% Black.

Declining enrollment at both schools led to the merger in September of 1982. Sister Betty Pflieger, a Sister of Mercy and former principal of St. Elizabeth’s, was selected as the new principal of All Saints Catholic School. Sister Betty was the principal for 6 years. In 1988, Sister Janet Delperdang, a Sinsinawa Dominican, became the principal of All Saints.

St. Patrick’s Catholic School was founded in 1866 and was located in the Church Hill area of the City of Richmond. The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul staffed the school. Due to a decrease in enrollment, the Diocese of Richmond decided to close the school at the conclusion of the 2003-2004 school year. The school was officially “merged” with All Saints Catholic School at that time.



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