Kindergarten creates their own pocket for Corduroy in art class after studying A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman in reading centers.  Middle School literature incorporates art into their study of tall tales. 


The Selfish Giant was performed at All Saints in April 2015 and
The Wiz was performed at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center
in August 2015.


Fourth graders study the Native American chief Powhatan's cloak and discussed what primary documents and historical artifacts can teach us.  Students then created Powhatan’s cloak in art class.  Additionally, fourth graders study cells in science and create cell paintings. 


Sixth graders created their own island map. Each map had to have a title, compass rose, key, and scale. Fourth graders worked in groups to design and create their own eighteenth century settlement. They were required to meet certain guidelines, and only if every guideline was met would their settlement survive. They also worked together to creatively solve five separate issues that would have challenged early settlers.





First graders discussed the different parts of plants and what every plant needs to live. They created paintings of plants showing the plant either in a vase or in nature. They had to illustrate the stem, leaves, and bloom.


Fifth graders designed and created their own unique constellations. Each constellation had a story, and we discussed the history and uses of constellations.




PK students engage in design-based learning. 

PK teacher, Catherine Hoang, directed her students to make a snowman using clay that would stand up. 

She obsevered students who tried to make the snowman stand using twigs for legs and then revamp to use clay legs. She watched others make the bottom ball too small and have to re-engineer to make the bottom ball larger.

Students were allowed to realize their error in design and make the necessary corrections - all part of design-based learning!  

First graders anxiously await the hatching of butterflies and ladybugs from larvae. They use scientific observation skills to monitor the progress.


PK students plant beans and tomatoes. They are keeping a bean journal to record their observations.


Second graders learn about friction and ways to reduce it as well as inclined planes by making model cars and racing them.
Second graders also dissect owl pellets and are thrilled when they discover small bones.

All Saints is proud to maintain a school community garden.  Our PK led the way with planting a butterfly garden this Fall. The Environmental Action club will plant collards and kale to share with a local food bank. 

PK students learn about recyling and experience service-learning.  
Mrs. Hoang's PK class with the help of Art teacher, Mr. Binford, made recyled paper.  They then cut their recycled paper into gift tags which they sold to raise money for the children at Children's Hospital.  Some of their gift tags included flower seeds inside the recycled paper so that the paper could have a dual purpose of gift tag and seeds to grow flowers.  Who knew our little ones could make such beautiful paper!  


     LEGO Robotics is all the rage at All Saints!  Now in its fifth year, the program continues to flourish.  Click here to read all about it. 


We have learned to plate and grow bacterial cultures in our Students in 6th grade Life Science class learn to plate and grow bacterial cultures in extension and refinement of our unit on the diversity and classification of life.      


ASCS Students Tour Virginia’s Sustainable Agriculture Commodities

One Week Tour sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension and VA Tech - An incredible hands-on learning experience!

Click here to View Gallery... Nine members of ASCS 4H STEM Club travel the state learning about sustainable agricultural practices across Virginia.  They are part of twenty students sponsored on a week-long Agricultural Commodities tour sponsored by VA Tech and Virginia Cooperative Extension. 

This agricultural tour opened my eyes and broadened my experience and knowledge in the agricultural field. But I just didn’t learn about agriculture, I learned about career pathways, leadership skills, life skills, and tons of things that will help me in the future. The whole trip was quite exciting. At first, I thought that it’d be just a plain old boring trip. But on the first day, that thought quickly changed. Being separated from my mother and family was hard at first but I grew used to it. I feel that being away helped me be more responsible for myself and my belongings.

All in all, the tour around Virginia made me realize that I live in a wonderful, beautiful and historic state. Tons of different cultures and places can be seen, you wouldn’t even think Virginia housed it.” -Nasja Powers, 7th Grade tour Participant

“I had a great time on this trip! I knew a lot of topics that we discussed on the trip but learned so much more about them. One of the weirdest parts of the trip for me was visiting the robotic dairy! Seeing the machinery pull at the utters took some getting used to. I am excited to continue with science in my spare time.” - James Seldon, 7th Grade tour participant

6th grade math students measure to determine the center point of the school garden and the diameter of the center garden.


Our 6th and 7th graders take learning outdoors with an overnight field trip to the James River Ecology School on Presquile National Wildlife Refuge
Students learn about environmental sustainability and ecology of the James River through hands-on experiences as well as have time for spiritual and social bonding. Click on the video below to see our students in action!

Video produced by Science Matters, an educational initiative of the Community Idea Stations.



Approximately twenty All Saints students meet every Wednesday for 4H Stem Club. Students are engaged in design-based learning and maker-space learning which incorporates math, engineering, science, critical thinking and collaboration skills. Projects have included designing sail boats, circuits, electronic toys, rockets, and  large package air drop containers.


Did you hear?  All Saints is an official Weather Bug school. 

Look for us on the NBC, channel 12 weather reports and check out our weather bug link!  




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