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Since the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1884, when Roman Catholic bishops in the United States officially expressed their wish that “every Catholic child in the land might have the benefit of a Catholic school,” Catholic people throughout this country have made strong and enduring investments in education. In time the Catholic parochial school system in the United States became the strongest, largest non-public school enterprise in America and, indeed, in the world.

National and local assessments of the Catholic population repeatedly demonstrate that Catholic schools tend to produce Faithful who are better educated, better catechized, and more involved in the Church than those who do not attend Catholic schools. The formidable influence of Catholic schools continues to exert a powerful influence toward human maturity, charity, and prayer. Disproportionately large numbers of priests, religious, parish lay leaders, and civically engaged Catholics are products of Catholic schools. This is so overwhelmingly true that we believe we are safe in considering All Saints Catholic School a precious gem to cherish.

All Saints Catholic School provides superior academics and values in a safe and supportive environment. 100% of All Saints students have graduated from high school, including several valedictorians. 95% have gone in to college. This five-year plan is developed to provide a total vision to preserve and enhance the "Gem of the Northside" - All Saints Catholic School.

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