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Students of the month exemplify being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL!

February Students of the Month 



Daniel Lopez-Morales  – Pre-kindergarten
Every morning, Daniel enthusiastically does his work beautifully.  He has a zeal for learning and is a pleasure to teach.  He understands the school rules and many times serves as an example for the class to follow.  He knows when to settle down.  He is friendly and fun.  Daniel contributes positive energy to the class and he helps us to accomplish our goals.  Keep up the good work, Daniel!

Robyn Pitchford– Kindergarten
Robyn is a sweet, kind, and friendly young lady.  She is very conscientious student who always tries her best.  She has grown so much this year and loves learning new things. Robyn is consistently following classroom rules and is a model of what is expected in a classroom from a kindergarten student.  

 Harry Brown - First Grade
Harry is a very soft-spoken and well-mannered young man.  He is also kind, respectful, hardworking, and honest.  Harry is quick to follow classroom rules in the first grade, and has been overheard from time to time trying to encourage other classmates to do the same.  Harry's positive attitude and kind smile can frequently be seen in the first grade classroom.

Emily Hernandez - Second Grade
Emily is excited and eager to learn each day. She works hard in class and always aims to give her best. Emily is respectful and polite to her teachers and peers. She is responsible and regularly practices safe behaviors. Emily truly reflects the principles instilled by All Saints. She has been such a pleasure to work with so far this year, and we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings. 

Ellie Duhamel - Third Grade
Ellie is a calm and persistent student who is dedicated to our core values. She remains on task and helps her fellow students. When it is time for group work, I always know that Ellie will be on task and working diligently to complete the assignment. She has a great attitude and is always smiling and laughing. Great work Ellie!

 Saira Hernandez- Fourth Grade
Saira is an amazing young lady. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face. She is quiet, but has a ton of personality. She is an amazing friend to her classmates and is kind to everyone. Saira is also a great dancer and she wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up.  She is an example to all in being safe, respectful and responsible! 

Olivia Withers - Fifth Grade
Olivia is a lovely young lady who has attended All Saints for 3 years. She takes pride in completing her academic assignments and is helpful to her classmates when needed. Olivia has a wonderful sense of humor, can be counted on to be respectful and to give thoughtful responses when asked questions on a variety of topics. Keep moving forward Olivia! 

Carter Strite -  Sixth Grade
Carter is a quiet, thoughtful student who maintains a high level of dedication to her school work.  She is always respectful of others and has a great deal of empathy for those in need.  Outside of school, she spends her time at the pool working on strokes and increasing speed with her swim team.  Despite her busy practice schedule, Carter is always responsible for completing homework and studying for assessments.  We appreciate her dedication to staying safe, respectful, and responsible. 

McCarver Stokes- Seventh Grade
Since joining the All Saints community in January, McCarver has achieved success in all facets of student life. From day one, McCarver quickly and enthusiastically befriended his seventh grade classmates and the other middle school students. In the classroom, he has demonstrated consistent and diligent work on his assignments, and his grades reflect this excellent effort. On his recent short story assignment in English class, McCarver crafted a very creative and detailed narrative! He also regularly volunteers to share responses and offer questions during class, and helps his classmates with challenging material. Additionally, McCarver has yet to lose a single HABITS point over his first two months at All Saints, demonstrating what it means to be safe, respectful, and responsible! Fantastic job, McCarver! 

Jada Cousins - Eighth Grade
Jada  is our 8th grade Student of the Month for February for the ways in which she has grown as a student and as a member of our All Saints community throughout the school year. Jada has been working very hard in her classes to succeed academically. She is always willing to learn from her mistakes and to keep improving herself. Jada can often be found asking teachers and classmates important questions about the material being covered and strives daily to learn as much as possible. Aside from academics, Jada is a positive presence to have in class. She brings joy with her wherever she goes and makes her teachers and classmates smile. Occasionally, Jada can be found writing positive messages to her fellow students on the board to keep their spirits up during the course of the day. Jada also was recently accepted to Saint Gertrude High School, a wonderful accomplishment! Jada’s presence will definitely be missed next year as she is a wonderful example of what it means to be safe, responsible, and respectful. 


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